TGM Group

TGM Group is a specialty talent solutions provider, meeting the needs of job seekers and employers since 2004.

Recruiting the right talent for your workforce is at the very heart of what we do. Our recruitment consultants build and develop the human capital of your organization together with you. With nearly two decades of experience, we offer talent services to find the right people for your workforce. We help companies evolve through their people. We help people evolve through their careers.
About TGM Group

TGM is a recruitment agency with the Private Employment Agency License #311 given by the Turkish Employment Agency.

The recruitment services are achieved by 10 career platforms:

    CVyolla.com is one of the best known career platforms in Turkey matching millions of job seekers with thousands of employers. Global Jobs is an international recruitment service to find the right global talent for the global vacancies. TGM Human Resources is a headhunting company offering talent services to find the right people for the employers' workforce in Turkey with nearly two decades of experience. Garanti Bakıcı is a caregiver jobs platform finding professional caregivers for the babies, kids, old and sick people; home services assistants etc... TGM Group work in co-operation with 6 municipilaties to reach the local qualified candidates. The municipalities outsource the recruitment services to TGM Group to connect job seekers and employers locally.

    In conslusion; recruiting the right talent for your workforce is at the very heart of what we have done since 2004.

TGM Group

Our Core Values

Our Mission

Recruiting the candidates in a job where they can be happy, successful and effective.

Our Vision

Thinking globally, acting locally; investing in innovative ideas to recruit the right talent for the right workforce.

Our Company Culture

Our company culture is based on three fundamentals: "Human Priority", "Continuous Improvement" and "Customer Satisfaction".

Human Priority

One of our principles is to respect to labor. We make investments in Human with the belief of that a firm can go further by the effort of its employees.

Continuous Improvement

The working world has been transforming dramatically. Today employees choose to work from flexible, temporary roles to freelance and permanent opportunities. Employers should understand the next generation of workers, change their talent strategy to embrace the potential of a growing flexible workforce. The technology we use to search for has been evolving. We are an innovative HR company engaging the latest sourcing methods and embracing new technology to find the right people at the right time.

Customer Satisfaction

Our product is service. The quality of the service is evaluated by Customer Satisfaction. Quality, trust and being customer-oriented are bases of our Customer Satisfaction philosophy.