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First in Turkey!

About CVyolla.com
CVyolla.com is career web site meeting the job searchers with the employers. It works in a different manner from the other career web sites.

No job announcement in CVyolla.com! So no need to wait for an announcement to apply. No need to apply for each announcement one by one. So no time lost! CVyolla.com distributes the CV's and Cover Letters of the candidates to the companies in the database.

How does it work?
The candidates choose the companies based on their sectors and their locations. After that, CVyolla.com sends these candidates' CV's and Cover Letters to the companies that have been chosen by the candidates.

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First In Turkey

About Renklibir.com
Renklibir.com is Turkey's first Direct Marketing and Market Research web site that offers samples and gifts for its members. It's the new world's Marketing System.

How does Renklibir.com work?
- It obtains reliable and updated database by offering many gifts to its members.
- It helps companies reach their target consumers by E-mail, SMS and sampling.

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