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HR Policy

TGM culture is based on three fundamentals: "Human Priority", "Continuous Improvement" and "Customer Satisfaction".

Human Priority
One of TGM's principles is to respect to labor. TGM makes investments in Human with the belief of that a firm can go further by the effort of its employees. TGM HR Policy is based on "Human Priority" with all benefits, seminars, awarding system and friendly atmosphere of the company.

Continuous Improvement
TGM aims to make improvements and innovations continuously with the thought of "Always there's better than what has been done." Continuous Improvement Philosophy encourages TGM workers for creativity, innovation, struggle and long-term thinking.

Customer Satisfaction
TGM's product is service. The quality of the service is evaluated by Customer Satisfaction. Quality, trust and being customer-oriented are bases of TGM's Customer Satisfaction philosophy.